Carrier Sign Up

Provide a Certificate of Insurance that meets the insurance minimum requirements below. Certificates must be submitted from your insurance broker directly to Grico Logistics

  • $100,000 Cargo Coverage
  • $1,000,000 Auto Coverage
  • Worker’s Compensation where required
  • General Liability (GL) insurance in a minimum amount of $1,000,000 is preferred.


Meet the following Carrier performance requirements:

    • Safety Rating must be Satisfactory or None.
    • Active, Operating Authority. Active for 3 Months minimum
    • All Carriers must have appropriate Federal, State, or Provincial Authority.


Contact signing for carrier must be authorized to enter into and bind your company to the Grico Carrier Services Contract.

Grico Quick PAY

Our standard payment terms are Net 30 from the day we receive signed delivery documents.

Quick Pay options:

Option 1 – Payment in 24 hours from date delivery documents received. Cost 4% of invoice
Option 2 – Payment in 2 days from date delivery documents received. Cost 3% of invoice

Note: Quick pay is NOT AVAILABLE to Transport companies (Carriers) using factoring companies.


  • Increased Cash Flow
  • No wasted Administration time
  • Your money, in your Pocket where it belongs

For payments via 30 day by check or direct deposit, please send an invoice, POD’s, and any accessorial receipts to

For Quick Pay, please send all required documentation to