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Less than truckload freight shipping Across Canada and Cross-Border

If you have cargo to ship that is less than a truck load, Grico will provide the most cost effective LTL solution for you. Your cargo is precious to your organization and as a valued client we take on the responsibility of getting your goods to the end destination. With more than 60,000 pre-qualified carriers we will not only get you cargo loaded and delivered, but we will do it at a cost that compliments your business. 

Benefits of LTL

Better shipping rates

Don’t waste your money on Full Truck Loads. With LTL shipping, your shipment will be combined with other freight. So, you’ll save money without having to handle the logistics.

Reduce your environmental impact

Sharing space with other shipments significantly lowers your company’s carbon footprint and helps to keep the planet healthier.

Improves security and reduces risks

LTL freight is typically loaded onto pallets or into crates. This protects shipments from general wear and tear caused by handling or residual damage from contact with other freight in the same trailer. It also minimizes the chances of loss when compared to that of small package shipping.