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Intermodal | Rail transportation

Our customers are using intermodal for a variety of reasons. In many rail corridors, intermodal provides a much better value proposition than highway. Rail transportation is often more energy efficient, so “going green” in intermodal means moving freight costs less.

With years of experience in Freight Forwarding, we gained  an extensive network of rail service providers that can service your inter-modal cargo needs. With Class 1 relationships with the top rail providers in North America and Canada you are guaranteed of a full logistical solution from origin to final destination. Inter-modal shipping gives you the capacity that you need to get your cargo where you need it. Grico Logistics offers a full range of shipping solutions to our valued clients. Your cargo is your business and our business is getting your cargo to its destination safely and on time at the best cost to you.

Benefits of Intermodal transportation:

Lower costs

Shippers can take advantage of lower rates, more predictable pricing, and the flexibility of loading and unloading goods in a dropped trailer environment, which reduces handling costs.

Environmentally friendly

Shippers can significantly reduce their carbon footprint by going intermodal, because trains only emit approximately 5.4 pounds of carbon dioxide per 100 ton-miles, whereas trucks emit approximately 19.8 pounds.

Reliability, capacity, and safety advantages

Shippers have more access to equipment and standardized transit schedules. As companies move their freight to intermodal, there is also the opportunity to streamline their reverse logistics, providing additional savings.