Step Deck & RGN Solutions

Step Deck & RGN Freight Transportation Solutions across North America

Step Deck & RGN are designed to carry heavy or irregular sized cargo that does not fit in regular vans. With our pre-qualified carrier base we have the expertise and capacity to service your needs. We specialize in finding the best carriers for your cargo and our services range from big to small, so your cargo has never been in better hands than it is with us. We can customize the solution to suit your cargo and logistical needs.

Benefits of Flatbed & RGN Trailers:

Height Permits

One of the biggest advantages to a step deck trailer is that you can transport higher loads without having to apply for additional permits. Step deck trailers are designed to allow large cargo to be placed lower down in order to avoid height restrictions.

Easier for Forklifts

Forklifts can be loaded and unloaded, easily and safely, from step deck trailers because they are lower to the ground than flat bed trailers. This makes the process of lifting heavy weight safer, as the forklift driver won’t have to lift their forks as high to pick up the cargo and unload it.

RGN Trailers

The front of the trailer is detachable, which is how the trailer gets its name. When this gooseneck is removed, you can simply drive a large piece of equipment directly onto the trailer. This eliminates the need for other large machinery to help load and unload the trailer, and may make a great difference to the bottom line of each haul.