Shipping freight that does not fit in Dry-van?

When it comes to larger freight that does not fit within the walls of an enclosed trailer, flatbed truck delivery is the ideal form of transportation. Regardless of the size, your goods can reach their destination. Due to its versatility and convenience, flatbed trailers have become a popular method of shipping.

Professional sea freight logistics services:

Ease of loading & unloading

When using a flatbed, freight gets loaded from its sides, rear, and top. This versatility makes the loading and unloading process easier, and it takes less time to complete the work.

Secured Cargo

Freight moved via a flatbed trailer is more secure. Since these loads are exposed, experts use chains, coil racks, and traps to prevent the cargo from shifting during transport.

Dimensional Flexibility

Flatbed trailers offer incredible dimensional flexibility for virtually any size or shape load.

Flatbed freight shipping equipment and expertise you need.

Whether you need flatbed, step deck or RGN services, our team of dedicated experts can help you plan and execute your shipping. You can access equipment to ship partial or full truckload freight, with the flexibility to serve your businesses small or large.