Full Truckload Transportation Solutions

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Moving Full truck Loads throughout North America

With more than 60,000 carriers that are vetted and fully qualified to carry your truckloads where ever you need it, you can rely on Grico Logistics. We will set up the best transportation solution for your business by utilizing our network throughout North America and will ensure that your cargo gets to where you need it in the fastest time possible. With full carrier tracking and monitoring, your loads will be safe from mile one to mile last.

Benefits of FTL

More effective for large shipments

provides cost savings over multiple small shipments.

Point to Point delivery

Not subject to the needs of other shippers “sharing” the vehicle.


Shipment never leaves its vehicle from origin to destination, which keeps shipments safe.

Dry Van shipping on demand

Elevate your dry van shipping with our logistics experts, on-demand capacity and 24/7 tracking and tracing access. With same-day, planned and contractual service capabilities, you can trust Grico for any dry van freight. If you need drop trailer services, we can accommodate that too. Virtually any shipping need can be met by our dedicated freight experts who will help create a custom solution that fits your budget and delivery requirements.